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Share your best job stories of brutal bosses and ridiculous co-workers. We are a supportive community where you can ask for advice or if you just want to vent.
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Sometimes life isn’t what you thought it would be. Your dream of becoming a world class scientist or business leader have not come to fruition. Guess what? That’s OK! We are the 99%. WickedWorkplace is your inspiration to embrace who you are, an amazing you fill in the blank…

If you need the motivation to get through those brutal days of status meetings with your boss, wear our kick ass gear. While you sit there bored to death, know that underneath that uniform is a reminder that your job is not who you are. Better yet, know that you have a supportive community at WickedWorkplace where you can share your best stories of brutal bosses and ridiculous coworkers. Sometimes a job is just that…a job. Even if that’s what you want it to be today at least…

We founded WickedWorkplace to encourage people to take steps toward a fulfilling career, cope with job stress, and become the best version of themselves. Sometimes life hands us shitty cards or even a shitty deck of cards, so why not let it out, share your stories with us, and learn from your experiences. Whether you have a ton of friends or no friends, let WickedWorkplace be your friend.

Any questions for us feel free to reach out. We love to here from you!