Dealing with Stress in 5 senses

I’m going to be tough with you for a minute: Take care of yourself because no one else will! No matter how nice your significant other is, they cannot work out for you or meditate for you or get a spa treatment for you! Everyone in your life will benefit from the happiness you create by taking time to care for the most important person in your life…YOU! Start by putting your phone and laptop away and finding ways to destress EVERYDAY, here are some ideas in 5 senses:

• Meditate to relaxing music
• Practice or learn to play a new instrument
• Attend a concert or see live music locally
• Laugh – go to a comedy show, visit a friend, play board games

• Take a fitness class such as yoga or CrossFit
• Massage or spa treatment
• Put a face mask on at home

• Aromatherapy with candles, diffusers, oils
• Lavender bubble bath

• Get to a nearby body of water for self-reflection
• Go on a nature walk or hike
• Visit a museum
• Declutter an area of your home, office, or car

• Prepare a healthy balanced meal with plenty of vegetables
• Swap processed desserts for fruit instead (get creative and drizzle some honey or sprinkle with cane sugar and a dash of nutmeg)

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