Why was I not considered for the promotion?

  • April 8, 2019 at 7:19 pm #1077

      All my reviews have been excellent, my boss keeps telling me that I am doing a great job and that I will be considered for upcoming promotions. Then when a promotion became available after a department supervisor left, the job was given to someone else and didn’t even get posted. I did not get the chance to express my interest and demonstate everything I have accomplished for the company to deserve the job. I am now demotivated and ready to leave the company, but worked so hard to prove my talents and create relationships that I am torn to leave.

      April 10, 2019 at 2:25 pm #1080

        When I hear stories about jobs being awarded without being posted it irritates me to no end. Your feeling of being demotivated is justified. When employers don’t give the opportunity for others to apply it not only disserves employees but also management. When a position opens, internal candidates have the opportunity to gain experience in interviewing and receive valuable feedback if they do not get the job. Of course it can be upsetting to not get the job, but they are given a reason as to why and what the other candidate was able to demonstrate to get the position. This valuable feedback can inspire an employee who strives for growth to take on more responsibility and opportunities to demonstrate leadership. When an employee is not given the chance, they are left demotivated and can start to become disconnected, spread negativity, and eventually leave.

        The advice I have for you is to meet with your manager to express your interest in growth in the form of a promotion and what you can do to improve and be considered for the next promotion. Once you formally express your interest, it will be difficult for a manager to ignore your request. Let them know you are open to and want honest feedback. Check out the article titled “Negative Feedback and Your Identity: What if it’s true?” in the Wisdom section to help you prepare. Focus your energy on the meeting and improving your skills rather than harboring negative emotions which can be sensed by others.

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