• When I hear stories about jobs being awarded without being posted it irritates me to no end. Your feeling of being demotivated is justified. When employers don’t give the opportunity for others to apply it not only disserves employees but also management. When a position opens, internal candidates have the opportunity to gain experience in interviewing and receive valuable feedback if…Read More

  • Try scheduling formal catch ups with your coworker like lunches once/week or more/less often depending on your availability. When he/she walks over to your desk next time, greet them and let them know that you have a big project with a strict deadline but that you can have lunch together to catch up. Hopefully that will send the message and stop the habit of them popping over and…Read More

  • I like the occasional personal conversations at the office or venting, but there are some coworkers that don’t know when it’s time to get back to work! One coworker in particular comes by every day and makes comments that I never visit their desk, but I can’t seem to possibly walk over there if I think that a daily visit is excessive. I’m always the one to cut our conversations short a…Read More

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  • Is it normal/appropriate for a boss to comment on how one should wear their hair? My boss told me on two separate occasions that I should cut my hair or wear it up because I would look more professional. I have slightly longer than shoulder length hair, so after the second comment I told him that I refuse to cut my hair short to look more like a man and that I am disappointed that the…Read More

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    If you work in a conservative office, using color in your wardrobe might be an intimidating thought. However, if you look good with a refreshed and fashionable wardrobe for the spring, you will feel so great that you won’t think about what anyone else is or is not wearing! Definitely mix colors if you will be wearing a pastel suit, so that the shirt underneath is navy blue or a…Read More

  • I’m going to be tough with you for a minute: Take care of yourself because no one else will! No matter how nice your significant other is, they cannot work out for you or meditate for you or get a spa treatment f […]

  • If you have gone to grad school or attended professional team building sessions, you may have been exposed to a personality test such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or DISC. These tests provide insight into a […]

  • There are few things more difficult to hear than negative feedback from your boss or colleagues. This sensitive subject makes us cringe because it threatens our identity. We may associate ourselves as being […]